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10 Free Tools To Build Your Brand’s Website


Sometimes it seems as if, unless our brand can be found by typing a URL on a browser, it doesn’t really exist. That’s why, though I’ve dealt with building landing pages before (and shared some useful tips to hack their creation), this time I’ll be sharing tools to make building a website a breeze. 


As a reminder, landing pages are simple (one-page) sites where a conversion act takes place. Think about a conversion act as a path that you would like customers to follow. Examples like subscribing, buying, registering, and contacting come to mind.


However, when we talk about full websites, we are referring to a more extended online brand presence: a place where you can find information about the team behind the product/service, how it is used, the larger company that built it (if applicable), and multiple calls to action spread throughout several pages. These sites are more complex and often link to several individual landing pages where conversion acts take place. They are, in a way, more corporate, and should address both basic and advanced user questions about your brand.


If you are at a point where this type of website is required to move forward, here are 10 free, reliable tools to build it:


1. Squarespace

2. Godaddy’s Website Builder

3. Weebly

4. Webflow

5. Wix

6. Webs

7. Wordpress

8. Strikingly

9. Google Web Designer


10. Themeforest Web Templates



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