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30+ Extraordinary Logo Design Hacks

In a perfect world, everyone has millions in the bank and is able to afford a top-notch designer to create an amazing logo for a product that hasn’t kicked off yet.

Welcome to the startup world. Not everyone is funded, many are struggling to pay rent, maxed-out credit cards are not uncommon, not every team includes a designer or can hire one right off the bat.

{ I need you to breathe. Deeply. }

There are ways around this. Ways that are cost and time effective. Ways that take advantage of the infinitely many doors opened up by the Internet. Smart ways around this.

See, there are still many great design agencies around offering quality brand identity services. You may be able to find one that suits your budget. After all, sitting next to a designer that will create a custom solution for your product is the ideal scenario.

But startups happen, and their scenario is rarely ideal.

Therefore, I have built this handy list of resources (more like hacks) to help you tackle the mission of designing your product’s logo.

Answer these questions to find out which is the best road for you. Once you find it, take a look at the 30+ resources in the list below (they are all numbered).


Crowdsourcing your logo design

1. 99 Designs

2. DesignCrowd

3. crowdSPRING

4. Ooomf

5. Choosa

6. Logo My Way

Hiring a freelancer to design your logo

7. Elance

8. Microlancer

9. Guru

10. Odesk

11. Etsy 

Hiring an agency

12. Cuban Council

13. Brands for the People

14. DW+H

15. Inkd


Free or inexpensive logo design services and tools

16. Fiverr

17. LogoYes

18. Sothink Logo Creator

19. Graphic Springs

20. Tweak

21. Logo Garden

22. DesignMantic


Logo design inspiration

23. Logo Pond

24. Behance Logo Gallery

25. Pinterest

26. DeviantArt

27. Dribbble

28. Logo of the Day

Logo design education

29. Lynda: Logo Design Tutorial

30. Tuts Plus: Logo Design Fundamentals

31. Udemy: Logo Design Courses

Individual processes:

32. Abduzeedo: Logo Design Process for RAWZ

33. JustCreative: Logo Design Process for JustCreative 

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