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5 Amazing Tools to Launch Brand Contests

Last week I introduced brand contests as a powerful way to generate traffic and potentially convert visitors into followers. You can launch contests using your social media profiles or blog. Ideally, select a prize that is directly related or a part of your value offer. With these simple tools, your contests will be up in no time! I picked tools that are easy and relatively cheap (or free!) to use. You're welcome :) 

1. Woobox: Free plan available (without contests) and sweepstakes plans begin at $1/mo. Woobox offers sweepstakes, photo contests, HTML fangate, video contests, polls, “Pin to Win”, twitter/instagram/pinterest/youtube tabs, deals, leaderboard, rewards, prize claim, and "Pick a Winner".  

2. Free package available. This relatively new, yet robust, platform offers sweepstakes, image contests, video contests, story contests, multiple choice sweepstakes, questions and answers, polled sweepstakes, voting sweepstakes, Twitter timeline, Youtube or Vimeo channel, personalized tabs, polls, elections, tests, product galleries, coupons, and forms. $7.99/mo for their blogger package. Unlike other tools, Rafflecopter focuses on a single type of giveaway (i.e. "the raffle"). You can conduct polls and surveys, change their start/end times, add a prize photo slideshow, gain Pinterest followers & pins,  generate terms/conditions, among other features. 

4.Shortstack: Free package available. Shortstack specializes in Facebook promotions, offering photo/video/essay contests, vote-to-win contests, sweepstakes, voting, refer-a-friend, multiple voting rounds, entry counter, countdown timer, among others. 

5. Pagemodo: $9/mo (billed monthly) or $6.25/mo (billed yearly) for the basic package. Aside from offering contest capabilities, Pagemodo allows you to empower your Facebook page with cover photos, custom tabs and scheduled posts. Their emphasis is on the Facebook platform. 

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