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5 Ideas to Boost Your Brand This Week

Every week I'll share five ideas that are easy & affordable (or free!) to execute and can help your brand get, keep and grow customers. Ready? 

1. Get personal with a handwritten note: Write a short note to let your newest customers know that you appreciate them & are looking forward to answer their questions. Why this works: Use this opportunity to reveal your unique brand voice.

2. Make one of your brand's followers shine: Select someone who is currently using your product/service and tell them that you want to highlight their story. Then use social media to communicate his/her experience. Everyone appreciates a bit of a spotlight. Why this works: As you collect your customer's stories, they become a part of your brand's story and differentiate it.

3. Connect with 20 potential customers on Twitter: Follow 20 users that might need your product/service and ask them a question that involves a piece of (personal/professional) info that you can extract from their bio. Something like: "Hey @Laura, your work on XYZ looks amazing! At XYZ we're really interested in that topic!"  You'll be surprised at the type of conversations and interactions that come out of this simple tactic. Why this works: Building a strong brand community raises barriers to entry (i.e. makes it harder for competitors to grab a piece of your market pie!). 

4. Find and share a meaningful quote: Customers love a brand that can inspire them to be their best possible selves. Find a quote that represents the problem that your product/service is here to solve and post away! Why this works: Associating your brand with a given lifestyle/philosophy can make it an aspirational pursuit for customers.

5. Brand story wallpaper: Ask employees to come up with 5 words that represent your brand, write them down in Post-its, and redecorate your working space. Why this works: They work as memory aids that remind everyone on board what the brand promise is and motivates them into delivering it every single day. 

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