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5 Ideas to Boost Your Brand This Week

Every week I'll share five ideas that are easy & affordable (or free!) to execute and can help your brand get, keep and grow customers. Ready? 

1. Email from the CEO: “Dear Emily: This is John, the CEO of the company you just bought from. It’s great to have you here!” I can’t overstate the brilliance of doing something like this. Go ahead and email your new customers to welcome them to your product/service. As consumers, we know that there’s probably some type of automation in these emails—but there’s a certain Santa effect to it: we still believe because it makes us smile. Why this works: Recognition by a company’s CEO triggers surprise, one of the 7 basic human emotions. It helps convey your brand’s story by connecting the audience with one of its main characters (cofounder, CEO, wizard… whatever it is you call yourself).

I recently received this welcome email from one of’s cofounders.

2. Play up your email signature: Never underestimate the effect of adding a subtle call-to-action at the end of every email. Email providers allow you to modify your signature, and this is a great opportunity to trigger new site visits & followers. Some get really creative with this space, and are even adding “latest tweet” blocks. Why this works: If someone read your email all the way to the end (this is rare, trust me), chances are they are also willing/eager to know more about your brand. Make it easy for them!

Kristen Osorio from nine2five Creative shared a nice tool to create email signature stamps.

3. Slice of (brand) life video: With new video creation apps coming out every day, it is becoming increasingly easier to share a slice of your brand’s daily life with potential customers. Is there a birthday at the office? Are you celebrating a milestone/anniversary/win? Is it casual Friday? Are you overdosing in chocolate in a brainstorming session? Depending on your brand personality, these can all make great instants for a short slice-of-brand-life video! Why this works: People relate to people, and if you make your brand’s story as humane as possible, they’ll relate to you too.

Zappos’ CEO Tony Hsieh used to run a pizza shop out of his dorm in college. He occasionally still bakes dozens of slices for his employees. This inspiring story makes for a great slice-of-brand-life video.


4. Branded content in apps: Does it make sense for your brand to partner with another one to deliver some sort of useful content for customers? If it does, get going. Why this works: Sometimes two brands speak to the same segment, and display a sense of authenticity when they join forces to solve their audience’s problems/ add even more value.

I use the Over iPhone app to create photo overlays, and recently ran into a Charity Water graphics pack. They want to connect their brand story with the ideas of adventure and exploring the outdoors, so they provide a related set of graphics. Over users can literally “stamp” these graphics onto their photos and share their hearts out.  


5. Interview existing customers: Randomly call/email/message your active customers to ask their opinion about strategic issues like what needs to be improved and what they currently love about your brand. Don’t be intrusive, select the right times & places for these short interviews. Why this works: People love to feel that they’re being listened to. If you end up incorporating some of the feedback you received, make sure to let your customers know that it came directly from them. This activates a sense of belonging. Customers will use/like/share your brand because they feel a part of it.

A few days ago Skillshare emailed me this survey explaining that my “feedback will help us understand what we're doing well and where we can improve to help you.” Points for Skillshare. 

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