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5 Ideas to Boost Your Brand This Week

Every week I'll share five ideas that are easy & affordable (or free!) to execute and can help your brand get, keep and grow customers. Ready?

1. Gratitude goes a long way. Use any chance you have (including emails, your user interface, customer service calls) to thank customers for their business. Why this works: The expression of gratitude reinforces a personal relationship with the brand, showing customers that the time/resources they've invested are being recognized. Always remember this: with an ever-growing list of competing products/services to choose from, your customers have decided to trust you. 

Grooveshark does this well--taking the chance to thank its users every now and then.

2. Upsell with a twist. It may be uncomfortable to lure an existing customer into paying/paying more for your service. Where to start? This week, try changing the language a little bit and show them how upgrading will help them in the most conversational tone you can find. Why this works: Brands built exclusively for an online platform (no personal selling) often have a hard time establishing the humane conversations that traditionally close sales. Injecting a conversational/funny/relatable tone may help customers decide to upgrade. 

This particular message inside Feedly's interface resonated well with me this week. The clever use of different mascots along with emotional messages made upgrading seem more "natural":  less of a "business matter".

3. Spice up your language: Along the same lines, use this week to insert a few conversational prompts in your interface/calls/letters/emails. Particularly, try to establish questions where a yes/no answer triggers a desired action (i.e. CONVERTS). Why this works: People usually commit to statements they have made in the past, so if you pose a question and they reply yes/no, it is highly probable that they will act accordingly in a follow up call-to-action. 

Right after Upworthy asks you if you agree that "It's nice to be reminded of the good in the world", they capitalize on your willingness and ask you to complete an action (like/share/subscribe). 

4. Give out something exclusive: Prepare a gift for your best customers that is both economically feasible and has some sort of engagement hook. In other words: how do you expect them to act when they receive this present/discount? Make it clear that this giveaway is exclusive and invite them to take advantage of the opportunity. This idea also works for sampling: when you want to break the barrier with a new customer and have him/her try your product. Why this works: Feeling special, unique and valued is a powerful human decision driver. By sending an "exclusive" gift, you are communicating a signal of appreciation and potentially triggering reciprocity: many customers will now want to give back. 

Julep sent me an exclusive email offer where I would get my first monthly box free. The expectation here is for me to accept this offer, try the product and be so impressed with it (and the offer!) that I become a regular subscriber. 

5. Get reviews, the fun way. Similarly, these giveaways or small presents can ask for influencers to actually review your product. These reviews contribute to positive word-of-mouth about the brand, and there goes your return on investment! Why this works: In a world where social recommendations from friends and family influence most purchases, it is strategic to build rapport with a small group of brand advocates that can share their experience with others. There is no replacement for this first-hand knowledge about your product.

This week I ran into a project where a group of "gals" received inspirational boxes with several of their products. They are all over Instagram sharing their brand experience with the hashtag #ShopBando. Worth taking a look. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions feel free to email me at, comment right here, tweet @leanbranding or leave a comment on our wall at 


I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions feel free to email me at, comment right here, tweet @leanbranding or leave a comment on our wall at

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