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Four Radiant Rebrands

These four brands changed their identities to reflect a deeper change in strategy:

1. NickJr by Gretel NYC

Inspired by the idea of "Guided Discovery", Gretel NYC built a dynamic, engaging brand experience for pre-schoolers.

Nick Jr.: Network Rebrand from Gretel on Vimeo.

2. Wendy's by Tesser 

“We want the most prominent symbol of our brand to reflect the transformation that’s currently under way,” said Craig Bahner, Chief Marketing Officer. “Our refreshed logo signals the innovation and fresh thinking taking place at Wendy’s, while reinforcing that we are staying true to our values as a distinct and beloved brand.”

3. Microsoft logo by Pentagram and Microsoft 8 packaging by IDEO, Colors and the Kids & Todd Shelby

WO Win Journey Film 102512 3 from Wolff Olins on Vimeo

4. Motorola, a Google Company

Since Google acquired Motorola in 2011, we hadn't really seen the two DNA's merge into a single brand strategy. They've finally rebranded, and were smart enough to keep the iconic Motorola M, while inserting a more streamlined typography and a color scheme that reflects Google's trademark.  This change comes just in time for the upcoming launch of Moto X: "Designed by you, Assembled in the US". 

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Microsoft, NickJr, Wendy's and Motorola go for new brand identities


Four Radiant Rebrands: Microsoft, NickJr, Wendy's, and Motorola Tweet this link!

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