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Free Download: 150+ Holidays to Trigger Brand Interaction

Happy Thanksgiving! I believe there is no better way to thank than to give back, so today I want to share with you a unique gift. This printable calendar will help you come up with ideas on using special holidays to keep your brand conversation going for the rest of the season. There's much more to Winter than Christmas-- you'll be surprised at the 150+ holidays that go unnoticed. I've written about using holidays to trigger brand interaction before, and here's a small reminder:

"Did you know there are hundreds of holidays throughout the year that never make it to the news, because we’ve simply decided not to celebrate them? Cheesecake Day, National Boss Day, World Pasta Day… did you know today is National Bologna Day, btw? Look out for more here:  Why this works: It is no secret that the urge and anticipation to celebrate triggers quite a few purchase decisions. Some even satanize marketing and blame it for the reckless spending during Christmas. Guilty as charged. However, when thinking about your brand, try to ignore haters and take advantage of the unique opportunities that holidays bring to satisfy someone’s need. You can also take the chance to make a statement related to your brand personality that associates your product/service with a given theme (and adds value to what you’re selling)."

You can download and print the calendar by clicking on Download in the Scribd file below: 

Winter Holidays Editorial Calendar



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