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Pandora's New Brand Story: Let There Be Music

Pandora surprised us all this morning with a new logo and a quite inspiring video. I applaud their attempt to reinvigorate their brand story, while reminding us about some of the features that make this product truly special. If you've ever used Pandora, you've probably realized that their Music Genome Project genuinely makes a difference. In their words, "delivering a great radio experience to each and every listener requires an incredibly broad and deep understanding of music". So, while everyone else focuses on the glitz and looks of (an apparently endless amount of) applications, Pandora is in it for the music. For the beauty, purpose and unique experience of music. 

Does their new "Let There Be Music" idea resonate with you?

"This is a story about the power of music. About the single-minded and relentless pursuit to fully unleash its great potential, and a commitment to the efortless and endless exchange between artists and their audiences.

To us, music is more than an industry. It's a language that speaks to, and is spoken by, all. "

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