Department proposes to widen ~ 1 km of the Umgeni River • The project area is in the vicinity of Connaught Bridge (North Coast Road, R102) in Durban North • The northern embankment will be provided with flood protection works • Reduces the risk of flooding at the Umgeni Business Park, such as was experienced during the 1987 floods Project Background. The Mgeni and Mvoti rivers had flood duration periods of up to 24 hours and this caused dramatic erosion. A pair of spring storms occurring in March and April 1987 combined with snowmelt to produce record or major flooding Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Umgeni Water . Follow Us. For me a lovely walk in the river bed, for them, I suspect, a bit of a pointless mission – and certainly not the ‘paddle’ I had enticed them into! Photos: Historic flood of 1987 Areas around the Kennebec and Androscoggin Rivers were hardest hit. by Allan Jackson | posted in: InfoRequests | 3 Reader Brian Finch wrote in to ask a question about where the Umgeni emptied into the sea: Allan I would be pleased if you could settle a matter of fact for me re the Umgeni River mouth. His glowing description of the craft made me know this was the boat with which to relaunch – OK, launch – my competitive career in river paddling. “Carmarthen had experienced flooding over the years, and flood defences had been strengthened on the back of that, but what happened in 1987 was unbelievable,” Mr Fowler recalled. The Orange River is a perennial, bedrock-controlled river which experienced severe flooding (flood peak: 8300 m3 s-1) during February-April of 1988. If you live in an area along the Umgeni river which is prone to flooding take the necessary precautions now and do not try to cross rivers, low level bridges, flooded roads or streams. For old times sake I wanted to go down that section before it got flooded, so I took all my boats and borrowed a few more and invited a few non-paddling friends – my partners and optometry friends – to accompany me. I have always … Read More . The main cause was an intense “cut-off” low pressure system off-shore which co-incided with a Spring high tide. On top of this, we run the best canoe marathon – The Umko! I went to pick it up and load it on my kombi’s roofrack, but Hugh held me back with a firm, ‘NO. Origins of Durban. Umgeni Water, a state-owned entity, is one of Africa’s most successful organisations involved in water management and is the largest supplier of bulk potable water in the Province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Massive flood of 1987 could happen again. This tranquility was again ruined by Ernie yelling through that same damned megaphone: ‘Swanie what are you waiting for!?’. We dragged the boats the length of the dam-to-be to take out about where Msinsi campsite is now, hardly getting our shoelaces wet. Getting the boat down off my roofrack took a Herculean effort. By 1989, the park was home to over 4,500 birds of 400 different species, and was given the “Premier Durban Attraction” award by the Durban Tourism Board. Strong headwind, I thought. I can say this: Rands-per-Kg I got the best bargain from Hugh ‘user-friendly’ Raw of that century. As we were leaving the plaintive ‘flat battery’ cry of the Water Thick-knee (Dikkop) sounded from across the lagoon . . I think they enjoyed it anyway. A week later the fishing bug is still strong! The uMgeni River was noted for previous flooding disasters in October 1917, in 1977 when Tin Town, Springfield flats was washed away and in the mid 1980's. This time Tom goes to Doonside rocks with Ryan. Time and again the river slammed against the massive concrete pillars of the Connaught and Railway Bridges, which spanned the Umgeni Valley just before the Springfield Flats area. If you enjoy and value this site you are asked to help us keep going by making an occasional donation. In 1987, the roads in front of the park were washed away in a flood, resulting in the temporary evacuation of the birds to a private home on higher ground. While we continue to feature destinations that make our state wonderful, please take proper precautions or add them to your bucket list to see at a later date. It took a few minutes before calm returned and I was sitting bobbing on the disturbed surface. Diary 2003-2011. Low lying areas beware of flooding. It’s damned hard work. The first day of my relaunched paddling life. We launched all the craft at a low level bridge and started laughing: They didn’t float, they just plopped onto the sand under a millimetre of water. -- Flooding also reported in southern Switzerland and Austria : 07/12/87: 07/21/87: 10 : 20 : 300 : $800,000,000 : Heavy rain: See notes : 1 So I watched as he got his two biggest workers to load the boat for me, which they did with ease. The river began to flood Durban at about 4 a.m. on Tuesday, bursting over the sand flat on which the town was built and making its way to the inner bay. Human beings have an impact on river ecosystems. In the days before the first storm, weather throughout New England was mostly clear and dry. View listing here. Knightville Dam, Westfield River, Huntington, Massachusetts . The main cause was an intense “cut-off” low pressure system off-shore which co-incided with a Spring high tide. 2: 4,700,000 : Tszo : 138,900 28.4 : 1988-065 I have always … Read More. But the scientist noted that the recommendation had yet to be fulfilled until now. They chose the spot and Tom was surprised when I showed him it was directly below Aitch’s Mom Iona’s last place of abode: The Mooi Hawens frail care home. Flood of 1987. The Colonial Mutual Life Building West Street. The boat stayed there till Thursday, the big day. FLOOD WARNING: Public take note - The Umgeni river is in flood and has broken its banks in areas. Being a cheapskate I searched far and wide, high and low and I found one far and low. At Hugh’s place he showed me the boat and it did indeed look pristine. Posted by SAWDOS at 20:51. You lose a lot to waterski. Talk about LOW water! Daily News Natural disasters It was centred south of the Tugela river, especially the Mvoti, Umgeni and Umkomaas rivers. Language; Watch; Edit (Redirected from Maine Flood of 1987) The Maine flood of 1987 is A pair of spring storms in March and April 1987, combined with snow-melt, resulted in heavy flooding in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Damage to agriculture, communications, infrastructure and property amounted to R400 million (report: De Villiers et al, 1994). What a lucky club. It also changed the Dusi Canoe Marathon, inundating the Day Two sandbanks and creating a 10km flatwater haul to the new overnight stop at Msinsi Resort. The devastating floods of 1987 which washed away Riverside Road in front of the Park, threatened to flood the entire Park resulting in the bird collection being evacuated to the Abrey’s home on top of the hill overlooking the Park. In the Mvoti the river channel, normally 35m, widened to about 900m. A total sediment volume of 1.8106 m3 was eroded from the estuary by the flood … By Staff Reporter Oct 24, 2018. Floods in 1987 washed away the road in front of the park, and resulted in the temporary evacuation of the birds to Abrey's home on higher ground. History Preconditions. Then and Now: The 1987 floods wash away Westville. Fortunately, the heaviest rains for the two storms did not fall over the same area or else more hazardous flooding could have occurred. In the Mgeni the island near the mouth was totally removed and scour of generally about 2m took place. The rain resulted in the worst flood of the Guadalupe River since 1932. Figure 3: Umgeni River Floodlines at Umgeni Business Park Figure 4: An illustration of the Cross Section of the Umgeni River embankment Figure 5: Orthophoto map showing the Durban Metropolitan Open Space System (D’Moss) areas PLATES APPENDICES Appendix A: EIA Application Form Appendix B: Photos of the 1987 Flood Event A 1987 study from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) on the flooding in Cagayan Valley, Siringan said, recommended the widening of the narrow portion of the Cagayan River from Alcala to Lal-lo. All these fools around me suddenly went berserk, water was flying everywhere. Just till 7pm. Share this article: Share Tweet Share Share Share Email Share. As always, a dam profoundly changes the river and the valley. This 1987 flood in Maine is recent enough that most everyone we know experienced it in some way or another. Email This BlogThis! It swallows everything: dogs and chickens, carts and carriages, goat sheds and goats too. Impacts on a species or a non-living element may have long-term consequences for a river ecosystem. After a long gap from paddling I decided to relaunch my river paddling career, striking fear into the heart of all contenders. Large quantities of sediment were deposited over the flood plain. Share to … When I plopped it into the water the Umgeni rose two inches. September 1987 floods Between 28 and 30 September 1987, the central and southern part of Natal were ravaged by floods that were amongst the most devastating to have occurred in South Africa. Maine flood of 1987. The Maine River Flow Advisory Commission would like Mainers to remember the lessons of the Flood of 1987. again, thank you for bird sounds. For instance, the 2012 Olifants River peak discharge far exceeds the well-documented 1981 Buffels River flood of up to 8000 m 3 s −1 (Stear, 1985, Zawada, 1994), the 1987 lower uMgeni River flood of 5000–10,000 m 3 s −1 (Cooper et al., 1990, Smith, 1992) and the 1974 and 1988 discharges of 8000–9000 m 3 s −1 that occurred along the much larger middle Orange River (du … Did you? For me a nostalgic trip, for most of them a first look at a section of the Dusi course. And then some tag-along kids who lived in the valley. About 6km, Sheila said. On the way back to Durban the kombi seemed to be struggling. in Dhaka -- 9/5 "In Dhaka, flood waters were at their highest levels in 54 years and covered three-fourths of the capital." Mike & Yvonne Lello, Pete Stoute, Geoff Kay, sister Sheila. An idea of ‘Before & After’: (better pics needed!). The Umgeni River or Mgeni River (Zulu: uMngeni), is a river in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.It rises in the "Dargle" in the KZN midlands, and its mouth is at Durban, some distance north of Durban's natural harbour.The name is taken to mean the river of entrance in Zulu, though other meanings have been proposed.. Between 28 and 30 September 1987, the central and southern part of Natal were ravaged by floods that were amongst the most devastating to have occurred in South Africa. March 30, 2007 . Yet another river tamed to serve our insatiable thirst. Thousands of kilometres of roads damaged, fourteen bridges washed away, all entrance routes to Durban closed. This flood … “The Umgeni River in flood is as large as a python and as fast as a viper. User-friendly. This April 1, 1987 file photo shows the Kennebec River flooding over Water Street in Hallowell. Proposed Site … Umgeni River floods 6 Dec 2011 Umgeni mouth. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Many homes were washed away, collapsed or buried in mud. The Macks of Isipingo: A personal journey of discovery. bec, Androscoggin, and Presumpscot River basins. Let’s go fishing Dad – at Blue Lagoon. Maine had a normal snowpack, and normal flood potential in late March of 1987. The Flood of 1987: Remember . - SAWDOS . Guadalupe River's worst flooding in 55 years : 2 : Tso: 990 0.1 : 1987-025: Italy: Italy - Valtellina Valley village of Tartano in Lombardy Region. Back-barrier response to flooding in the uMgeni estuary in 1987 took place through erosion of an average thickness of 5 m of sediment from throughout the 2.5-km estuary channel length. Watch: Umgeni River gushes as Durban floods wreak havoc. The river is approximately 232 kilometres (144 mi) long with a catchment area of 4,432 What the hell!? Flood-crest data obtained at 378 loca­ tions along 600 miles of rivers and streams were used to aid in the evaluation of the flood. A mangrove-fringed island composed of laminated sands and silts and colonised by terrestrial vegetation on its higher levels was completely eroded from the centre of the channel. The relationship living organisms have with each other and with their environment is extremely complex. Umgeni River floods. area stretching from Bergamo east of Milan to Bolzano. AUGUSTA, MAINE -- 20 years ago this week, the State of Maine suffered one of the worst natural disasters in its history. The Umgeni river in full flood this morning, floating trees snapping under the M4 bridge and the … Many bridges were washed away. click to follow & receive notifications by email. Destruction of property was catastrophic, nearly 400 people died and about 50 000 were left homeless. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. INTRODUCTION Maine's annual spring flooding typically results from runoff of snowmelt accelerated by sea­ sonally high temperatures, rainfall, or a combination of both. The dice on the Umgeni river outside my Club, Kingfisher. Jeesh! They did enjoy teasing me! By 7 o'clock that morning it had risen eight-and-a-half metres above its average, which was the greatest height to which the river rose during the storm. Spring Floods of 1987 . I would need a boat. Sep 22, 2013 - Umgeni River Durban 1987 floods where 'the shad chowed the mangoes' Reader Brian Finch wrote in to ask a question about where the Umgeni emptied into the sea: Allan I would be pleased if you could settle a matter of fact for me re the Umgeni River mouth. I had to gear down on the hills, never had that before., floods that were amongst the most devastating. While I was contemplating thus, Ernie yelled at me through his megaphone and the water exploded around me. Comments by A.E. Cubbin. The greatest disruption to humans was caused by the destruction of the Mdloti and Tugela river bridges on the N2 highway (report: Badenhorst et al. Fourteen of Maine's 16 counties were declared disaster areas. Drown a valley to water lawns. 1989). I headed off after the flotilla disappearing in the distance and after twenty or thirty strokes it suddenly came to back to me in a blinding flash of realisation: I knew why I had stopped paddling. "worst floods in the 17-year history of the country" -- "worst flooding in 70 years" -- 9/1 "Buriganga River reached its highest level in 34 years." © 2020 Facts About Durban - WordPress Theme by Kadence Themes. And then I understood. A certain gentleman in fibreglass, Hugh ‘user-friendly’ Raw had one for sale at a bargain price. By 1989, the park was home to over 4,500 birds and given the “Premier Durban Attraction†award by the Durban Tourism Board. Recently some members posted a few photos of the club and surrounds, emphasising what a special place we have on the right bank of the Umgeni near Blue Lagoon where it enters the Indian Ocean. This photo, taken on July 17, 1987, shows the Guadalupe River at 16 feet above the flood stage. Dams destroy biodiversity. However, a warm rainstorm brought 4 to … The devastating floods of 1987 which washed away Riverside Road in front of the Park, threatened to flood the entire Park resulting in the bird collection being evacuated to the Abrey’s home on top of the hill overlooking the Park.