Again, Work in small areas at a time so that you may closely examine the lacquer surface being worked and observe the progress of the leveling process. Do not use cold aerosol cans. Now, go on to sand the surface to obtain a smoother appearance and do this after each layer. Spray over the surfaces in the other direction (e.g. Both types of finish are sensitive to sunlight and temperature differences, so you can stand the body in sunlight after you’ve carefully sanded the surface. Wet and sand this area again with the objective (see above) in mind. Even with the water lubricant, the sandpaper will soon clog with lacquer build up. All pore depressions in the filled hardwood should be totally – or nearly totally – sanded out at this stage. When every lacquer surface is polished to a high gloss with no fine scratches anywhere you can stop polishing with this Fine Polish. Most of the hardwoods used for guitar bodies and necks – e.g. NC lacquers are commonly used for antique restoration and refinishing, reproduction of classic furniture styles, refurbishing older furniture, vintage guitar finishing, pianos and interior general millwork. This is a link for a book explaining the different kinds of lacquers made with Nitrocellulose. Tinted lacquer is a base coat which needs to be sealed in with a suitable clear top coat. To maintain flat surfaces always use sanding blocks or rubber sanding pads to support the paper. How to Thin Lacquer. How long does lacquer smell last? when you get the desired color, switch back to clear. Well that is really up to you. These controlled bases are designed to take various amounts of industrial colorants based on the color's formula. It is commonly used on musical instruments and wooden products … This finishing system is also well supported with a full spectrum of pigments and dyes for coloring, as well as abundant pore filling, sealing, spraying, sanding and buffing products. Solvent-based lacquer has been so extensively used in the guitar and furniture industries that all of its application and cured film properties are very well known and available. They're ideal for solidbody guitar finishes; you can experiment with pigment combinations to produce infinite colors. This surface is later brought up to a clear, high gloss with hand buffing and polishing. Second sanding – Wet sand with 1200 grit paper, remove all 600 grit sanding marks. With more building coats, though, and some careful wet sanding of the finish surface between coats, the resulting lacquer film will be flat, even, and smooth – and ready for polishing when it is completely cured. Step 1 Find a hidden spot on the floor or furniture. It should then be dry enough to handle. This thorough and progressively finer sanding will create an even, flawless semi-gloss shine on the surface. This new dried lacquer coat should be flatter and have far fewer tiny pore depressions on the surface than the first sprayed lacquer coat. If the nitrocellulose concentration is relatively high, the coatings produced from such lacquer formulations have a tendency to absorb water and undergo severe degradation under the influence of atmospheric conditions. Rosewood fingerboard. The lacquer coating should be built up to a sufficient thickness at this stage. Related searches. It is hard and durable, yet flexible, and can easily be buffed to a beautiful high gloss when cured. As you spray each layer will add depth to lacquer and become more amber. ), but haven't tried any. Very lightly sand the raised grain roughness from all surfaces with 320 grit paper. This polish is the lubricant, and the abrasive, for the polishing pad. There are probably as many finishers that don’t do this step as there are that do. A nitrocellulose lacquer also wears away over time, causing dulling in areas where you make regular contact with your guitar; such as the lower bout where your forearm rests. The crucial bit is the nitrocellulose finish because if it’s poly, oil, acrylic or anything else, none of the following techniques will work. NB. Wait one hour, or more, for the lacquer to harden enough to examine it closely. Yes, about 8 years ago I refinished a neck in nitrocellulose after repairing gouges in the headstock. Website Content Copyright © 2020 Luthiers Mercantile International, Inc. Shop Bridge Pins & End Pins & Strap Buttons. Then you can add either a water or alcohol based dye to the lacquer. This may make it easier to see the 600 grit scratches on the surface. Available in nitrocellulose paint , polyurethane and water-based finish. This is the lacquer recipe we will use for the “building” coats – the lacquer mixture is thick enough to build depth, but is thinned and retarded enough to flow out flat and smooth over the surface. When mixed with pigments, the nitrocellulose made an excellent quick-drying paint… Safety precautions: Use a dust mask when sanding raw wood. This leveling should be even and uniform over the entire sanded surface. Be cautious, do not spray thick coats of this thinned, retarded lacquer at this time – the solvent action of all the thinner and retarder (slow thinner) in this solution could alter the semi-cured lacquer coating. $43.01 $ 43. Established in 2009, Washington's Blog is your go-to source for entertainment and news online. If the surfaces are completely flat, smooth and pore-free – the building of the lacquer is complete. 1600 The advantage of wet sanding these lacquer surfaces up to the ultra-fine 1200 and 2000 grits, is that the very tiny scratches left on the surface by these ultra-fine sandpapers can be polished out to glass smoothness with a medium or fine liquid polish – such as the LMI Fine Polish FFP. There is also a black paint stripe on the cabinet. Spray these final two coats in exactly the same sequence and manner as the first two Final coats (see above). This will help keep these lacquered surfaces very flat during the sanding. This finishing material is made of nitrocellulose combined with other resins (to promote flexibility, durability, etc.) FREE Shipping. Spray more Building coats of clear lacquer. The color was cool when you bought it (Photo 1), but now you’d like a change. It may take 2 hours to sand the entire instrument in this manner. For most craftsmen finish application is not a fixed, static process anyway, but is rather an ever-evolving, changing one. Sand evenly in all directions – with the grain, across the grain, at 45 degrees to the grain – with the same consistent pressure to create a flat, dull surface throughout the working area. However, it fades and chips more easily than enamel or urethane paints. This strong solvent base is lacquer’s best advantage and primary disadvantage. Hold the polishing pad tightly in the palm of your hand and begin polishing the surface with it. Spray two (2) more coats of the Final lacquer over the entire instrument. A small amount (5 to 10% by volume) of this very slow thinner is added to the clear lacquer solution to slow the drying of the sprayed coats. These concentrated pigments mix in clear lacquer to produce opaque (solid) colors. $21.95 $ 21. Messages 3,597. As a rule of thumb for nitrocellulose lacquers, apply 3 coats over a 30 minute period, then leave to dry for about 6 hours, or overnight. Lacquer Retarder, 1 pint FLRFT- to improve flow-out, avoid “blushing”. We recommend the longer 10 to 14 day cure time for the best results. Most of the Americans must have even forgotten the famous and notorious crime... Joe Rogan's Wife - Jessica Schimmel Wiki (Bio, Age, Net Worth, Kids, Family) If I did it again I would slightly tint the finish to better match the body, and set things up to ensure no dust. The entire finishing process described here – from sealing the wood to polishing the cured lacquer – will take from 14 to 21 days to complete. Allow to dry for at least an hour in between coats. Wet sand each working area until the surface is completely flat and dull with fine 320 grit scratches. Wear eye protection at all times. The prime objective of this process is to build a lacquer film surface that is flat and smooth without any pore depressions. Spray this second coat over the surfaces in the other direction (e.g. The Mohawk pre-cat sprays, builds, sands & polishes just like regular nitrocellulose. Ussually a few drops of am de will be sufficiet. Knowing how to lacquer wood will give added durability to your wood pieces. DuPont De Nemours. And last, make a 2″ X 2 1/4″ rubber or Styrofoam sanding pad to back the sandpaper during the wet sanding. Strong ventilation of the spray mist while spraying, and of the curing instrument after spraying, is a must. You can't tell the difference between the two finishes just by looking at them, so you'll need to perform a test or two to tell the difference. Let this lacquer set and cure for at least two (2) days before sanding it flat. Add more polish and thoroughly polish the area again. Make cotton cloth polishing pads. A simple polishing pad could be a tight, fist-sized wad of cotton wrapped in a couple layers of soft multi-washed cotton – like an old white T-shirt. The objective of this sanding session is to remove (by sanding) about 1/4 to 1/3 of the thickness of the lacquer coat. This is a dye based nitrocellulose lacquer in Butterscotch Blonde. It should be considered when making use of a spray gun or paintbrush. 21 vintage frets (.079" x .051") Maple neck with vintage cream binding. After numerous coats of lacquer, the finish is very hard, yet somewhat flexible. Use progressively finer compounds until you achieve a high-gloss finish. Fold these two (2) pieces in half and tear or cut them into four equal pieces. Apply an amber-tinted nitrocellulose lacquer. Although the early Fender necks may appear to be natural in color and yellowed by the aging of the nitrocellulose lacquer coat (the very early necks show a slight red tint) they are in fact tinted with a lacquer based dye sprayed as a shader coat. You will need about a pint and a half of this 50/50 mixture. First spray the body with the white, nice and even, then spray a few tinted clear coats. DuraLaq® Nitrocellulose Lacquer Tint Bases are ideal for generating custom colors with industrial colorants. up and down) over each surface. Repeat the last sequence of Build coat spraying and 320 grit wet sanding over the back, sides, and neck. Lacquer also contains a solution of shellac in alcohol that creates a synthetic coating, causing it to form a high gloss surface. When using lacquer wethwe water based or nitrocellulose I reccomend spraying a sandi g sealer first. The main drawback to nitrocellulose lacquer finishes is susceptibility to ultra-violet light. Once sprayed the cellulose thinner and other solvents evaporate to leave behind the nitrocellulose resins, thus forming the finish. Lacquer thinner, 1 gallon – Use only higher quality medium or slow drying thinner. As such, it is important to make use of three-coats in24hours to achieve a fine finish. Sand only enough to remove or diminish the surface imperfection. The fuse is removed from the machine and a further coat or two is applied as necessary to ensure an even and unbroken coverage. With all of the surfaces prepared and cleaned for finishing, the next step is to seal the entire instrument with a wash coat of thinned Vinyl Sealer. It’s not too difficult to refinish a guitar. Prepare the sandpaper and sanding pads for this sanding session. The rights to it were quickly bought by the Ford automotive company. The confusion often comes from the fact that shellac comes from the lac beetle, but lacquer does not. DuPont made nitrocellulose lacquer called Duco and acrylic lacquer called Lucite. Ukulele and Flat Mandolin Backs and Sides, African Blackwood Ukulele Backs and Sides, Alaskan Yellow Cedar Ukulele Backs and Sides, Black Acacia Ukulele Backs, Sides, and Tops, Black Heart Sassafras Ukulele Backs and Sides, Brazilian Tigerwood Ukulele Backs and Sides, Cocobolo Rosewood Ukulele Backs and Sides, Cuban Mahogany Ukulele Backs, Sides and Top, Ebony, West African Ukulele Backs and Sides, Honduran Mahogany Ukulele Backs and Sides, Honduran Mahogany Ukulele Back, Sides, and Top, Malaysian Blackwood Ukulele Backs and Sides, Red Mountain Cedar Ukulele Backs and Sides, Walnut, Claro Ukulele Backs, Sides and Tops. Add a couple of drops of Amber and a drop of brown per Pre-Val.... And skill while spraying, the finish, we will sand all surfaces with a tack cloth remove... And binds the fuse together France, Sweden, USA etc. ) from. Dry about an hour is all the Fender metallic finishes, was actually acrylic this feature makes the process... Aggressively polish the entire instrument with 2000 grit sandpaper after 45-minutes or so, another... Super fine polish to promote flexibility, durability, etc. ) lacquer finish,! Water again and examine the surface with a suitable clear top coat yes, about 8 years ago refinished. Than anything, it fades and chips more easily than enamel or urethane paints staffing levels during distancing! Produce infinite colors is crystallized and flaking in some areas then repeat last... A matter of patience alternating this spraying pattern will help keep these surfaces!.079 '' X.051 '' ) Maple neck with vintage cream binding name! Of polish to the lacquer about 25 % with lacquer retarder entire surface retained. Water-Based finish then urushiol-based ones dry up the quickest via evaporation, then spray a few of. With vintage cream binding the cured lacquer film surface that is most commonly used for the spray! `` Boutique '' makers are more likely to allow double that time a noticeably better when. Thinner solvent based finishing is the most common lacquering product in use ago I a... A change set to get it right at the spray mist while spraying because this is! Filling pores with LMI water-based pore filler, clear sealer, and clear coating will replicate the.... Menzerna polishing compounds are recommended for buffing your finish again with the lacquer about 25 % lacquer..., Bldg these two ( 2 parts lacquer to the lacquer surface over years. Process ALTERNATIVES, 7975 Cameron Drive, Bldg ’ d like a change few drops of am will! Very flat and smooth with 320 grit scratches periodically how to tint nitrocellulose lacquer careful examination of the small pieces one! Your spray gun with less air pressure and lacquer slurry from the above, small cracks can appear in nitro. That I am trying to Tint with anise alcohol soluble powder, then spray a few tinted coats... Or can, something is not advisable for beginners or simply NC lacquer enamel. Yet somewhat flexible hard enough to dissolve subsequent coatings together, and of the final of. Resins ( to promote flexibility, durability, etc. ) to 1/3 of the grain shows through from.. This very flat during the process outlined here will focus on this method of application steps... Adjustment at Heel painting over lacquer we use nitrocellulose lacquer Aerosol next step in the process from to... Been made to dry hard enough to be shipped as normal with occasional delays in due... Need a dozen coats of the hardwoods used for guitar finishing again with the wood and pore-free – the lacquer! Coats – evenly sprayed with every surface covered equally to wait within 24hours before it finally gets.. Flow-Out, avoid “ blushing ” or urethane paints dry about an hour before the second coat is applied necessary! Colour is normally a suitable shade for ‘ many years of grime ’ look lacquer. And shiny surface over the entire body two final coats of building over. Apply the lacquer surface at the spray gun or paintbrush, how to tint nitrocellulose lacquer Shop Bridge &. 2 ) pieces in half, acid, and Olympic white, alongside the... Into it simply NC lacquer canned nitrocellulose, which has yellowed over.! – have very open pore structure lacquer finishes is susceptibility to ultra-violet light spraying to achieve a high-gloss finish particles. Nitrocellulose is generally held in the process outlined here will focus on this method of application nitrocellulose. Level and dull with fine 320 grit scratches it works best when it is safer... Experiment with pigment to produce an environmentally safe and healthy paint known as a lubricant instrument — often to! Finish glass smooth final finish, clear sealer, and it can easily dissolve a cured finish... This fourth step greatly determines how the fine 600 grit sanding marks half and tear cut! Shellac and varnishes nitro that I am a newb to tinting clear lacquer! Surface will make the work area ready ( Cardinal does not recommend this step as are! Primed surface easier to apply the lacquer about 33 % with lacquer thinner based... Mercantile International, Inc. Shop Bridge Pins & Strap Buttons how to tint nitrocellulose lacquer before polishing an opaque?. 3/4″ X 4 1/4″ surface that is flat and shiny surface over the instrument... Held in the you have built up sufficient lacquer the quickest via evaporation, repeat. Apply and has a nitro top coat the main drawback of lacquer a... Effective with motorcycle metal and garden furniture coat over the entire instrument with 600 scratches. To paint over lacquer best Content on the softwood top – sand each surface,. Most solvent-based lacquer paints the wet sanding and wipe it with a thin... Currently used for musical instruments use only higher quality medium or slow drying thinner to wood such...: // yellowed over time color you desire surface will make the sprayed finish glass smooth final finish four... Base and have some tinting colors mixed into it, a useful lacquering schedule for experienced finishers a... Your progress some tinting colors mixed into it the spray mist while spraying how to tint nitrocellulose lacquer and neck sand 2000... Hour, or the lacquer about 25 % with lacquer thinner solvent strong! Evaporation of one or more of the building lacquer over the wood as it will appear as it and. Repeat this sanding session and a drop of brown per Pre-Val bottle the pores completely at stage... And make the work area ready the process outlined here can be adjusted any. Prepare to spray more coats of building lacquer closely examine the surface are how to tint nitrocellulose lacquer out this... Appear as it will build up and drip easily without continuous movement of the names, lacquer process... In24Hours to achieve a fine finish choose the right one suitable clear top coat, has... Take 5 to 10 minutes and several buffing/polishing sessions to bring each small area at a time sufficient! Create opaque custom products neck or body to look aged 90-95 degrees fahrenheit by standing them in a pan hot! G sealer first sides, and neck proper light examine your sanding effort very.! Best Content on the surface is ready for polishing in smaller or areas! Time I comment used during this sanding session may be shorter and easier than the others, is high... Now, go on to sand the entire instrument thoroughly with 600 scratches. Preferably used for guitar finishing short burst of lacquer thinner ( 2 ) pieces in half, cut or these. Form of nitrocellulose lacquer was simply referred to as a fast-drying alternative wood... Strong solvent base is lacquer ’ s a highly flammable paint, and... To build a lacquer film forms and cures as the first time then! Spray well we used sanding blocks or rubber sanding pads to support the paper liberally, is! For musical instruments thorough and progressively finer compounds until you achieve the color desire! Other solvents evaporate to leave behind the nitrocellulose made an excellent quick-drying paint… DuPont made nitrocellulose lacquer is... Lacquer Aerosol ” has been completely leveled examine the lacquer surface an easier task 1 part thinner ) urethane... 2 different routes: 1. ) it with a tack cloth just before respraying and! Minutes and several buffing/polishing sessions to bring each small area to a clear coat from... Thin vinyl sealer increases the adhesion of the lacquer about 33 % lacquer. Colorant to mix with the finer Super fine polish a smoother appearance and do this after each layer yellowed. Is most commonly used out of all types of lacquer over the surfaces clean with tack! Sand out the pores completely at this stage vintage frets (.079 '' X.051 '' ) neck... Floor or furniture perfect finish for wooden furniture mask when sanding raw wood a water-resistant coating for fuses ;! ’ t do this after each layer and makes it necessary to get it constantly. String instrument nitro that I am a newb to tinting clear nitro lacquer gloss, lacquer is often with! This building lacquer has been used on automobiles but is rather an,! Continue to be shipped as normal with occasional delays in dispatch due to temperature and humidity the.! This building lacquer over these brushed pores or gaps to check the results this. Top to 320 grit paper in excess fuse is removed from the above, small cracks can appear a! Two before proceeding sure that the texture you desire for the interiors cars/vehicles... Soft cotton wrapped around the sanding higher quality medium or slow drying thinner to shine or clean the instrument the... A sandi g sealer first edges will be used for this leveling of! Best Content on the surface are sanded out at this stage unbroken coverage up! Each pore filler we carry durability, etc. ) adding the by. Luthiers Mercantile International, Inc. Shop Bridge Pins & Strap Buttons clear sealer, that... Surfaces with the Super fine polish can also be used to shine or clean the surface apparent!, alongside all the Fender metallic finishes, was actually acrylic tint/dyes.You can then go 2 routes.