With miles of hiking trails, newly-greened hills, and a rocky gorge dubbed Little Yosemite, it's the perfect antidote to our traditional pig-out and pigskin day. Hiking in Sunol had been on our bucket list for quite a while and we finally went there today. This hike covers 2.8-2.9 miles and generally lasts 4 hours The VERTICAL exaggeration of the graph above is 3.2 times real life . This East Bay Regional Park is a rolling green open space of giant oak trees, wildflowers, hidden canyons, seasonal streams, and winding hiking trails. If you're looking for something challenging, the Flag Hill Trail is a 1.3 mile steep trail with views of the park and Calaveras Reservoir. I enjoy taking the Canyon View Trail to "Little Yosemite," a gorge with beautiful, small waterfalls, about 2.5 miles there and back. It is a peaceful yet not-so-deserted part of the park. February Hike – Little Yosemite, Sunol Regional Wilderness. Located in the East Bay's Sunol-Ohlone Regional Wilderness, this 4.5 mile loop is a perfect day hike for those who enjoy beautiful undulating hillsides, rock climbing adventures, geological exploration, and discovery of local flora and fauna. 1:31. Took less than 2 hours for the loop (Canyon View Trail to Little Yosemite and then Camp Ohlone Road on the way back) and playtime at Little Yosemite. It hits several of the park's highlights and traverses two halves of the park that have distinct personalities. Sep 22, 2016 - Trail has dramatic views of canyon, waterfalls - rustic town offers railroad station Don't expect Half Dome or Yosemite Falls, but after the autumn and winter rains, Little Yosemite in the Sunol Regional Wilderness becomes an exciting gorge on Alameda Creek, filled with climbable boulders and tumbling waterfalls. While most visitors head to Little Yosemite, a more secluded and equally beautiful excursion goes to the north. OHLONE WILDERNESS TRAIL This trail links Mission Peak Regional Preserve, Sunol-Ohlone Regional Wilderness, and Del Valle Regional Park. I went with my whole family, and it was a tremendous success! Little Yosemite is located in Sunol Regional Wilderness Park in Sunol, CA Little Yosemite is a scenic gorge on Alameda Creek about two miles upstream from park headquarters. Little Brown Church of Sunol: ... All reviews nice walk nice park yosemite area hike picnic nature rocks horses camping. Date: Sunday, Feb 16, 2014 - Date Changed ! The most popular destination is Little Yosemite which sports a small canyon with giant granite boulders and gushing rapids (during spring) of the Alameda Creek. Bedrock mortars used by Native Americans for pounding acorns that were found in the area are reminders of Sunol's first inhabitants. We will begin the hike along the Canyon View Trail, over to Alameda Creek, then visit Jacob's Valley and Little Yosemite and then walk out along the main trail to the park entrance. Going there just after rains is a big YES. + The hike itself was gorgeous and very moderate (almost easy). Sunol Photo Slide Shows There are many trails in the Sunol Wilderness Park. Time: 9:30am (Arrive by 9:15am for flag ceremony and Scout Promise) Location: Little Yosemite, Sunol Regional Wilderness, Sunol Meeting Point: Parking lot near the Old Green Barn Visitor Center Attire: Class A or B Awards: Trail Trekkers Cub Scout Patch/Progressive Hike Award. Together with Sunol, the area exceeds 16,500 acres. I have been to the Little Yosemite area of Sunol Regional Wilderness before, but that was in the fall; this was my first time to visit this scenic gorge in the spring. It is an especially attractive portion of this creek. It was a family hike in the glorious sun washed afternoon. Last fall, I took a roughly 4-mile hike with pals Linda and Terry, enticed by the prospect of exploring the 6,859-acre wilderness, with more than 25 miles of trail. Little Yosemite in Sunol Wilderness Regional Preserve. Its gorgeous waterfalls and pools seem to attract cub scouts like a magnet. Is This The End? DATE: Sunday, Feb 10, 2019 New Date: MARCH 2nd Time: 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM Location: Little Yosemite, Sunol Regional Wilderness, Sunol Meeting Point: Visitor center/Parking lot, 1895 Geary Rd, Sunol, CA 94586; Corner of parking lot right by the trailhead. To Sunol Parking Lot (1.6 miles): From Little Yosemite Area, follow Cerro Este Road (0.2 miles) → left on Canyon View Trail (1.0 miles) → Indian Joe Nature Trail (0.4 miles) to parking lot. This hike is better done in warmer weather (starting April) so you can play in the water as you’ll often find a lot of people wading in the flowing creek in the area called Little Yosemite. It is an especially attractive portion of this creek. Of course, the views are of golden hills, the canyons are less deep, and the waterfalls are quite small, but Sunol Regional Wilderness … There's lots of climbing on boulders and rushing waters. Fees: Park Entrance Fees - $5.00 From the Walnut Creek - Danville area, drive south on I-680 and exit at Calaveras Road/Highway 84 just south of the Sunol exit. Notes: The climb along Flag Hill Trail is a vigorous workout. Explore Little Yosemite, the hidden gem in Sunol Regional Wilderness in east bay hills of Silicon Valley. In fact, this ride route includes a big majority of all the bike-legal trails in the park, and almost all of them that can be made into a sensible ride route. To return back to the parking lot, you can either follow the road straight back (easiest) or proceed through the picnic area to take the Canyon View Trail to the McCorkle trail. Interview with Dr. David Jeremiah & Sheila Walsh - Duration: 21:39. Although it was gorgeous in the fall too, it was even more beautiful in the spring. Hiking Little Yosemite, Sunol Wilderness. mini wrote a review Aug 2020. Sunol Regional Wilderness has something for everyone: views, waterfalls, canyons, streams, and climbable boulders are some of the things you’ll find here. This kid-friendly hiking trail is a must see in the Bay Area. Yellow highlighter shows the path for Little Yosemite The hike follows the Canyon View trail up into the hills of the Sunol Regional Wilderness. The Little Yosemite of Sunol is a beautiful trail, about 2 miles in and out, also passable by large-wheeled strollers. This is a great overview day-hike of one of the best East Bay parks, Sunol Wilderness. I recommend this hike in the spring, when the hills are verdant and temps are manageable, but summer/fall is doable with proper hydration/sun protection and winter with an extra layer. Hiking Little Yosemite in Sunol CA - Duration: 1:31. The 5-mile (round-trip) hike starts on the popular Indian Joe Nature Trail. Little Yosemite is a scenic gorge on Alameda Creek about two miles upstream from park headquarters. Sunol has plenty of trail mileage, but things are a bit more limited for bikes when you're left with only the fire roads as the legitimate options. Hike Description Little Yosemite is a scenic gorge on Alameda Creek about two miles upstream from the Visitor Center, swimming is not allowed in Alameda Creek in the Little Yosemite … Jim’s brother Dave was able to join us for this quick day hike to Little Yosemite in the Sunol Regional Wilderness.