Community Management Service

Price: $300.00

A monthly management service for one of your brand's social media profiles. Buy more than one unit if interested in several profiles. Accepted social networks include Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+. This service includes daily posts featuring existing content around the web. If you're interested in original content generation, purchase our Social Media Squares or Infographic Design Package in conjunction with this service. Purchase as many monthly packages as your campaign requires; you can always come back and add more if it is extended. If you need a higher level of interactivity, please contact us at to create a package tailored to your needs. 


  • 2 original social media posts per day in the social networking site of your choice, for one month
  • Up to 5 daily interactions with brand followers in the social networking site of your choice, for one month


The setup process can take 1-3 weeks, depending on how long it takes for you to complete the revision rounds and approvals:

  1. After you purchase this listing we will send you a digital contract, work plan (with dates) and a set of questions that will help us learn more about your brand to be able to manage your social networking community
  2. Once we get these answers from you, we will conduct research and create an editorial calendar
  3. We will get back to you via email for revisions. We work on the calendar to reflect all needed corrections 
  4. We work on your corrections and submit social media updates accordingly


Please let us know if you require any additional files not listed as some files might require an additional fee.

If you need an earlier delivery for this project, let us know at so that we can arrange a Rush Fee and complete it by your deadline.

The Lean Branding Shop was developed by Laura Busche, a marketing professional, writer and entrepreneur. Through her years of branding experience, Laura has learned that small, emerging businesses usually cannot afford design agency prices. After completing her Master’s Degree in Design Management (SCAD), Busche made it her mission to make effective design and branding products available for early stage startups. She went on to write the Lean Branding book for O’Reilly and built this store. By hiring the best design talent in South America, the Lean Branding team now offers a unique set of products and services to help you stand out in the marketplace with an attractive price advantage.

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These packages are created for use by the purchaser only. Please do not resell.

Further revisions and additional early concepts can be purchased for an additional fee. Let us know if you need them at

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