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A branding guide for entrepreneurs moving fast.

Tactics, inspiring cases, and step-by-step instructions to build 25 essential brand assets, from logo design to pitch decks. 

You’ll learn how to craft a


Brand Story

An engaging narrative centered around your customer’s needs. Designed to stand the test of time.

Visual identity

Logo, color palette, typography scheme, and art direction. Present your brand compellingly.


Content Strategy

Communicate your brand’s values and value proposition through a creative content strategy.

Brand Promise

Summarize your brand’s central promise in a memorable phrase customers feel drawn to.

Landing Page

Launch your brand and collect leads quickly with a strong landing page that hits all the right points.

customer persona

Design a fictional customer persona with very real needs to guide your brand design and communications.

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About Laura Busche

Laura Busche is the author of Lean Branding and Powering Content. Busche is an experienced brand strategist with a track record of helping companies in the public and private sector bring their message to life with a compelling brand story, memorable visual symbols, and a bold communication strategy.

Her approach to brand design is holistic: she combines insights from her undergraduate degree in business, master’s degree in design management, and Ph.D. in consumer psychology. Laura has implemented Lean Branding tactics with more than 150 entrepreneurs and their 50+ startups and regularly shares branding tips at and