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Human beings need to see your brand in context to understand what it can do for them. (Taking them from point A to B where B is who they aspire to be). At the core of our brand’s content strategy lies an important mission: to find ways to illustrate this Point B. Imagery helps us show this “aspirational place” consumers are looking for. 

Basically our task here is to place our product in context. Are you building an app? Where will people use it, to do what, and surrounded by whom? Is your product actually a combination of product and service? Who’s delivering the service, in what type of environment, and how do people react when they get it?

Because images are such vital elements of our content strategy, I’ve collected 11 tools to help you find memorable photos and illustrations that support brand storytelling. All of these tools include imagery protected by different Creative Commons licenses; most of them can be used in your brand’s social media profiles and blog with due attribution, and some even allow you to modify them, overlaying brand-specific graphics. Read each image’s license carefully.

1. New Old Stock

2. Stockpholio

Photo By Kevin Dooley via

3. Unsplash

Photo by Monika Majkowska via

4. CG Textures


Photo by: Philipp Kollmar via CG Textures

5. Picjumbo

Photo by: Victor Hanacek via

6. Stock.xchng

Photo by: osmar01 via

7. 500px (Creative Commons Section)

Photo by: Jaime Olmo via

8. Superfamous

Photo by: Superfamous Studios via

9. Photo Pin

Photo by: Alex Dram via Flickr, found via

10. Pixabay

Photo by: Hans for

11. Creative Commons Search

Photo by: Michael180 for Wikimedia Commons. Found via