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It is often the case that we need to present our brand to a group of investors, judges, or a general audience. As soon as the event’s date is set, some of us begin to panic around the idea that we may not fulfill our audience’s expectations. 

To help you approach that moment strategically, I have collected a number of resources to inspire and speed up your slide deck preparation process. 

1. Mockup Templates: A complete collection of 500+ desktop, mobile, stationery and branding templates

2. Graphicriver Powerpoint and Keynote Templates

3. Themeforest Powerpoint & Keynote Templates for Startups

4. Note & Point Inspiration Gallery 

5. Pitchenvy Inspiration Gallery

6. Best Startup Pitch Deck Examples

7. Quora: Venture and Investor Pitches

8. Research on Color, Persuasion and Body Language

New evidence that bullet-points don’t work, by Olivia Mitchell

Presentation Brainstorming: More than Facts, by Nancy Duarte

The Science of Persuasion: How to Get People to Agree With What You Say, at the Buffer Blog

Secrets from The Science of Persuasion, by Robert Cialdini & Steve Martin

Why the Best PowerPoint Colors Have Contrast, at the Brainspark blog

Fake it ’til you become it: Amy Cuddy’s power poses, visualized, at the TED blog

9. Infographics

The Anatomy of a Winning Pitch, by Investor Pitches

Look Under the Hood of a Great Pitch, by Jumpstart

The Perfect Pitch for Startups, by Plastical

The Pitch: What makes a successful pitch or presentation? by Business Advice Service Blog

Crafting a Killer Investor Pitch, by @Fortunepick

Making a Perfect Elevator Pitch, by Xerox

10. Recommended books

Slideology, by Nancy Duarte

50 Scientifically Proven Ways to be Persuasive, by Goldstein, Martin & Cialdini