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Building a product and its brand story can be overwhelming. But just when you thought that your job was over, a new challenge becomes apparent: how on Earth are others supposed to learn about this? Though there are many digital channels available to you (think about social media profiles, your brand’s blog, online advertising), none can replace the impact of “getting covered”.


Now, in our grandparents’ world, that probably meant making it on the paper or the news. In our world, however, getting covered means everything from an influential blogger’s mention to “getting Techcrunched”. And that makes the pitching process much more chaotic, yes, but also infinitely more interesting.


In this article, I’m listing 50 of the most effective sites to get the coverage that you need in order to grow. You’ll only find direct links, as I’ve been there and know how time consuming it can be to figure out where the actual pitch should go.


Influential startup review blogs: These sites take the time to review each startup’s product and generate content around it. They will receive your tips, but reserve the right to describe the product themselves.


Startup directories: These sites list startups using a form that you must fill out on your own. They strictly publish the information that you provide, with no additional content generation on their part.


Early beta sites: These sites are specialized in listing early stage startups that are currently receiving beta testers. They handle large email lists of early adopters that are willing to download/use/test your product, in exchange for exclusive access.


Startup-investor social networks: These sites can help you generate awareness about the product that you are building, and even communicate your intention to raise venture capital.


Other types of coverage sites


Free press release distribution sites