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Domino’s brand story has a new chapter on entrepreneurs, and we’re loving it.

Sometimes a brand comes around with an idea that makes you go: “Hmm, I was actually thinking about that last night”. You watch a commercial/video/post/ad and it feels like déjà vu. You might even claim that it was actually your idea and the brand somehow got into your brain. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what resonance is all about.

This happened to me with Domino’s yesterday. I’ll be honest: out of the Big 5 pizza brands in the US, you’ll most probably find me ordering Papa John’s. However, Domino’s connected with me in a way none of the others had: they realized I was ordering pizza whenever I had to pull an all-nighter for my next big idea. Here’s where it gets interesting: it seems like everyone else in the innovation scene is doing the same. Granted, they’re not just ordering from Domino’s, but Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Little Caesar’s, whatever-their-neighborhood-pizzeria’s-name-is, and a ton of other places. But Domino’s actually picked up on it.

Now Domino’s Pizza is funding 30 startups across America with $500 “Pizzavestments”, and handing out thousands of gift cards to whoever funds cool projects over at Indiegogo.

Check it out for yourself and let me know if their whole “Powered by Pizza” idea rings a bell: after all, “no one’s coming up with a world-changing idea over halibut. No way. It’s always been pizza”. 

You can also join the conversation using #poweredbypizza.